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The Conversation

As he asked what you want to be
I replied, I want to be a part of this world
With his disregarded conventional mock on my vanishing desire
He replied, he wants some scream, some yell and some cry
Shaman and his infectious snicker
As he loves to hear the boos of reverberation
Am I a sinner?
Stars were aligned in its demoniac silhouette when you were born
You interrupted the devils dance
You're forbidden to crave

Shaman and his deemster talk on righteousness
As he loves to repaint with vandalism

I've been cursed once
I can't listen to the sound of silence
Scream without hesitating
I can feel the sound of tormenting

Shaman and his vicious confession
As he asked "You think you're the only one who seeks reparation?"

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